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Custom Corbin Seats

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 in Random | 0 comments

Custom seats by Corbin 9.10.14 2

If you have ever been on a long ride on a Honda Grom, then you know the seats are hard as a rock. Russ and Adam made a trip to Hollister to get custom seats made for their Grom’s.  According to them… the best money they have spent on the Grom to date.

The Corbin experience was pretty cool. They really know their stuff and take the time to make sure the custom made seat fits you properly. You get to pick the materials and design layout of your seat. Then they make a mockup version for you to take a quick ride on… from there you can have the foam further  modified to fit your own butt.

All that, and they even have a diner style restaurant so you can grab a bite while you wait.

Custom seats by Corbin 9.10.14

Corbin Headquarters

Corbin restaurant seats 9.10.14

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