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Rules is rules.

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 in General Information | 2 comments


Duy’s Rules

1. While we certainly don’t discriminate… not anyone can become a member… at least not right away. You have to go on at LEAST 2 big rides. Short local rides, while fun, don’t count. (Big rides = clocking over 100 total miles per ride)

2. Anyone can be a prospect but you must complete number 1 to become a member.

3. We can only promote 2 prospects to club members per ride. (For example: If Frenchy, Bee-Bop, and Dingo completed their second long ride at the same time. They have to rock-paper-scissor for the member spot. We like to keep things a bit light and goofy. The loser remains a prospect until the next short ride comes along and we vote yay or nay.

4. Must have a scooter. 49cc lowest to 250cc highest.



  1. Is there a Baltimore Chapter? If not, what will it take to start one?

  2. I was like to become a member. I live north of Dallas. Can you provide me with some member info.

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