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Sons Of Malarkey Scooter Club

Posted on Nov 26, 2014 in General Information | 3 comments

Sons of Malarkey Scooter Club Logo

First things first. We are just a group of guys who happen to like scooters. That’s it. Not a gang. Not trouble makers (for the most part). ¬†We don’t take ourselves too seriously and simply like to have fun riding as a group. Some of our rides are impromptu and short, some have far away destinations and take several days.

Not many rules… but there are few… check out our club rules here.


  1. How can I start a Michigan chapter of your club?

  2. Enjoys your rules would love to join your clubs.but if any chance u guys opened a clubs in chicago Illinois I would love to the name an logo

  3. hey guys twobears here in missouri i have to ask how does one become a member

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